Public Notice - Composition of Electoral Districts for the Board of Directors

The  purpose of the public hearing on December 12, 2018 at 5PM is to allow the Board of Directors receive and consider public comment on the composition of electoral District for the Board of Directors, including consideration of draft electoral District maps. Below are two proposed maps numbered 101 and 102 for the public review and comments. Members of the public may also view the maps with this interactive review map.

PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that draft District Election Maps (Maps 101 and 102) are available for public review on the Leucadia Wastewater District website and at that administrative office located at 1960 La Costa Avenue, Carlsbad, California.

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 5:00 P.M., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, the Board of Directors of the  Leucadia Wastewater  District will hold a third public hearing in the Board Meeting Room located at 1960 La Costa Avenue, Carlsbad, California, for the purpose of taking public comment regarding the draft maps and transition from At­Large to District-Based Board Member Elections pursuant to Elections Code Section 11010. At this third public hearing, the public is invited to provide input regarding the content of the draft maps and the proposed sequence of elections. The Board of Directors adopted a resolution of intention on October 10, 2018 to initiate procedures for a transition from At-Large to District-Based Board Member Elections and previously held two public hearings to take public comment on October 10, 2018 and October 24, 2018.

All interested parties are invited to attend this public hearing and to express opinions or submit information. If you are disabled in any way and need accommodation to participate in the public hearing, please call (760) 753-0155 for assistance prior to the hearing so the necessary arrangements can be made.

 DATED: December 5, 2018