San Diego CSDA Educational Programs

 Help us get the word out on Special Districts and apply for a grant for your students or have your high school student research, develop a video and win!

High School Student Video Contest Sponsored By:

San Diego Chapter of California Special District Association

  • 1ST PLACE - $1000
  • 2ND PLACE - $750
  • 3RD PLACE - $500


Create a 1-2 Minute Entertaining & Creative Video Educating the Public About

“What’s So Special About Special Districts?”


  • Your High School must be located in San Diego County
  • Application information can be found online at  videos due by April 1, 2018
  • The Video must be about Special Districts and how they serve your community.

Visit for information about Special Districts

Direct any questions to the San Diego California Special Districts Association Kathleen Hedberg, at or 619.660.7487.

Take your students to visit a local Special District!

Two grants will be awarded this year, funded by the San Diego Chapter of the California Special District Association.  Each award will include a field trip to the Special District of your choice (see Brochure below for list of Special Districts) and up to $800 to cover the cost of up to two buses to transport your students.  A Special District liaison will also be assigned to you to assist with your field trip planning.  

Please download the brochure below for directions on how to apply for the grant.

Field Trip Grant:

  • Add a “kick” to your 4th — 8th grade curriculum
  • Choose from a list of Special Districts to visit; water, fire, gardens!
  • Get up to $800 for bus transportation while showing and teaching our future community leaders about the purpose and importance of Special Districts
  • ​Applications due by March 16, 2018

More information can be found online at