Construction Updates

With over 200 miles of underground pipes, 10 pump stations and a multitude of connectors, sensors, lifts, and equipment construction and maintenance is a daily occurrence for all of us at Leucadia Wastewater District. From time to time, these projects can slow down traffic or potentially close roads, so we've created the map below to give you a heads up when there will be construction.

La Costa Avenue is going to be a little busier than usual from February 13th 2017 - late July 2017. Click on the pins in the map to learn more about these critically important upgrades and relocation efforts.

The Leucadia Wastewater District will be doing work on La Costa Ave from February 6 - July 29th 2017.

We hired a contractor to accomplish 2 important construction tasks. First they will complete a section of Cured In Place Pipe lining, a trench-less pipe rehabilitation method that builds a "pipe within a pipe" through a section of gravity pipe. In gravity pipes, sewage moves under its own gravity whereas in "force mains", sewage is pumped or forced through the pipe.

Second our contractor will relocate the Leucadia Force Main to the south side (eastbound lane) of La Costa Ave. This is due to corrosion in the existing pipeline which could cause a sewage spill, and concerns about long term erosion and bluff instability along La Costa Ave.