District Management

Paul Bushee
General Manager Paul J. Bushee

Mr. Bushee was appointed by the Board of Directors as the District's General Manager. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the District and is responsible for making policy recommendations to the Board of Directors and implementing Board policy directives.

Contact: (760) 753-0155 ext. 3014
Email: pbushee@lwwd.org

Chris Roesink
Director of Finance and Administration (currently recruiting)

Currently recruiting for this position.

Robin Morishita
Technical Services Manager Robin Morishita

Mr. Morishita is responsible for managing the Field Services Department, the Capital Improvement Program and the Information Systems Program.

Contact: (760) 753-0155 ext. 3007
Email: rmorishita@lwwd.org

Jeff Stecker
Field Services Superintendent Jeffery (Jeff) Stecker

Mr. Stecker is responsible for managing the Field Services functions of the District.

Contact: (760) 753-0155 ext. 3008
Email: jstecker@lwwd.org