District Management

Paul Bushee
General Manager Paul J. Bushee

Mr. Bushee was appointed by the Board of Directors as the District's General Manager. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the District and is responsible for making policy recommendations to the Board of Directors and implementing Board policy directives.

Contact: (760) 753-0155 ext. 3014
Email: pbushee@lwwd.org

Richard Duffey
Administrative Services Manager Richard A. Duffey CPA

Mr. Duffey is responsible for managing the Administrative, Human Resources, Risk Management and Finance departments.

Contact: (760) 753-0155 ext. 3012
Email: rduffey@lwwd.org

Robin Morishita
Technical Services Manager Robin Morishita

Mr. Morishita is responsible for managing the Field Services Department, the Capital Improvement Program and the Information Systems Program.

Contact: (760) 753-0155 ext. 3007
Email: rmorishita@lwwd.org

Jeff Stecker
Field Services Superintendent Jeffery (Jeff) Stecker

Mr. Stecker is responsible for managing the Field Services functions of the District.

Contact: (760) 753-0155 ext. 3008
Email: jstecker@lwwd.org