Wastewater Service Charge - Residential (charged on property tax bill).

Effective 7/1/2023: $38.12 p/month ($457.42 p/year)


Non-Residential Wastewater Service Charge Based on strength and flow, contact District for specific charges
Easement Processing Fee – Typically done as part of Plan Check Process The District to review conditions, grant, plat, and description. Applicant to provide title report, title insurance, plat map, and legal description; and record easement, with a copy given to the District *see note 1 $500 per property or easement
Grading Plan Check Fee
Simple plan check: 1 per lot, no sewer involved $500
Simple plan check: 1 per lot, onsite sewer laterals to offsite sewer $500
Full Plan Check: other sewer related conditions – depend on the amount of feet of pipe being used  
1,000 feet or less of pipe $2,000
1,001 feet to 2,000 feet of pipe $3,000
2,001 feet to 3,000 feet of pipe $4,000
3,001 feet to 4,000 feet of pipe $5,000
4,001 feet to 5,000 feet of pipe $6,000
5,001 feet to 7,000 feet of pipe $7,000
7,001 feet of pipe and up $1 per foot
Pump Stations 2.5% of preliminary bond estimate
*See note 1,2 & 3  
Encroachment Permit Fee – The District to review simple encroachment and documents. Applicant to provide title report with easement, encroachment description and plat; and record permit, with a copy given to the District *See note 1 $500 per encroachment
FOG/BMP Agreement Fee $1,000
Facility Mapping Update Fee – Fee applies to development that includes extension of public sewer only  
<1,000 feet of pipe $500
>1,000 feet of pipe $500 plus $.50 per foot
Inspection Fee – Fee includes administration and inspection *see note 2  
Minimum deposit for short lines or lateral $500
Trunk, sewer and appurtenances 10% of approved bond estimate
Pump stations 10% of approved bond estimate
Private Pump Station Plan Check Fee $1,000
Tentative Map Review Fee – any excess funds will be used later for plan check *see note 2 $1,000 (1 per subdivision up to 50 lots)

Notes: Fees Subject to change

  1. Minimum base fee. Additional fees may be required for complex projects for extended effort.
  2. LWD processing, review, checking, and inspection fees are all estimated and the amounts shown are the required minimum deposits. The District will track project specific costs and a refund will be given if deposits exceed expense, or additional deposits will be required if costs exceed deposits.
  3. Initial plan check deposit is intended to cover cost of initial plan check and one resubmittal. The developer will be advised of budget remaining after each plan check. Additional deposits will be required, if necessary, prior to continuation of plan checking.