Asset Management Plan

The District completed its initial Asset Management Plan in 2008.  At that time, the District was at approximately 92 percent of build out and shifted its focus from growth related capital projects to infrastructure sustainment projects.

In January 2013, the District completed an update of the 2008 Asset Management Plan (AMP).  With no substantial changes to the service area since the 2008 AMP, the focus of the update remained on the repair, rehabilitation, and replacement of existing assets.

The 2013 AMP update organized the District’s wastewater assets into five distinct categories – gravity sewers, manholes, pump station, force mains, and jointly-owned facilities.  The AMP lays out a systematic approach of replacement and rehabilitation by asset category based on operation and maintenance recommendations and projected life cycle replacement or rehabilitation.  Capital Improvement Program projects are identified for a five year period to provide short-term expenditures of capital funds.  Life cycle projections are used to develop long-term (20 year) estimates of expenditures.  These estimated capital expenditures are used to develop the District’s Financial Plan.

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