Standard Specifications

The District works closely with Homeowners, Developers, Engineers and Inspectors to ensure compliance with LWD’s Standard Specifications. All engineering service fees associated with development activities are funded by the developer.

Utility improvement projects may include wastewater collection, pumping, and transmission facilities that connect to the Leucadia Wastewater District (LWD) sewer system. The usage, type, design and construction of such facilities must comply with LWD rules and regulations, including this Standard Specification (Standard Spec) and the LWD Wastewater Ordinance. Upon successful design, construction, and completion of sewer facilities in accordance with the Standard Spec, ownership of the sewer facilities, with the exception of facilities within private buildings and sewer service laterals, is generally transferred to LWD, which assumes responsibility for their operation and maintenance.

These procedural guidelines are intended to provide the public and LWD staff with well-defined, concise, and understandable procedures for the processing of sewer improvement projects.

These guidelines are not a substitute for regulations and permitting requirements of other public agencies, such as the Cities of Carlsbad and Encinitas. The Owner is solely responsible for ensuring compliance with all non-LWD regulations and permitting requirements.