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We collect and transport about 4.5 million gallons of wastewater every day. The wastewater is conveyed through the District’s sewer mains and pump stations, and ultimately pumped to the Encina Water Pollution Control Facility in Carlsbad. It is then treated at their facility to federally mandated standards before it is released into the ocean.  We provide this service to approximately 62,000 residents in a 16 square mile boundary that includes the original service area in Leucadia as well as the La Costa area of Carlsbad and northern Encinitas.  

In addition to providing wastewater services, we also provide recycled water for irrigation at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa’s golf course. A portion of the treated wastewater at Encina is pumped backed to the District, where it is treated to a tertiary level at the Gafner Water Recycling Facility before it is sent to the golf course. We produce approximately 80-100 million gallons of recycled water per year at our Gafner recycled water plant, which helps conserve our drinking water supply.

Under the direction of the elected Board of Directors, LWD’s team of 19 employees, both administrative and field services work together to ensure smooth operations of the facilities, maintenance of the infrastructure while providing excellent customer services.

Our field services team works daily to make sure that the wastewater is safely conveyed from homes and businesses to Encina by operating and maintaining a wastewater system that includes approximately 200 miles of gravity sewer pipeline, 5,000 manholes, ten pump stations and 16 miles of pressurized pipelines (force mains) and a recycled water plant.

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