Capital Improvement Projects

Ongoing and New Construction Projects

Gravity Pipeline Repair Project
Gravity Pipeline Repair Project
Installation of new pipeline
Poinsettia Station Gravity Line Project
Inside of Leucadia Pump Station
Inside of Leucadia Pump Station

Ongoing and New Construction Projects

Projects planned for Fiscal Year 2019 are as follows:

Gravity Pipeline Rehabilitation Project
As a result of CCTV inspections by Field Services staff, significant defects are continuously being discovered in numerous pipeline segments that require rehabilitation or repair to prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO).  These defects are rated and prioritized by staff for replacement, repair or rehabilitation.  In Fiscal Year 2017 (FY 2017), the District budgeted $340,000 to complete corrections of pipeline defects.  The top priority repairs during FY 2017 include a section of vitrified clay pipe (VCP) in Caudor Street that has significant multiple cracks and a VCP segment located in an easement off of Doris and Crest Streets that has a major offset joint.  Another VCP line in Mountain Vista Drive that has significant cracks and root intrusion.  Two segments in a VCP line in Quebrada Street that have major sagging with heavy grit and grease accumulation. Then during FY 2018, eight line segments, six pipeline spot repairs and eleven manholes were identified for repair or rehabilitation.

La Costa Golf Course Gravity Line Improvements
During the design phase for the 2016 Gravity Pipeline Rehabilitation Project in September 2015, it was noted that a section of gravity pipeline in the Omni La Costa Golf Course designated for repair was exposed where it crossed San Marcos Creek.  In November 2015, an emergency repair using cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining of the exposed section was completed as a temporary structural reinforcement of the pipeline in anticipation of the predicted El Niño weather pattern during the winter.  Due to the complexity involved with the permanent repair of the San Marcos Creek crossing segment and the remaining section of the gravity line in the golf course, other repair or pipeline realignment options will be evaluated.

Leucadia Pump Station Rehabilitation
The Leucadia Pump Station is located at the District’s campus at 1960 La Costa Avenue.  In 2014, a pump station condition assessment was conducted to evaluate all pump station components (controls, electrical, mechanical, and structural).  As a result of the assessment, it was recommended that improvements be constructed for the pump station.  Original improvements to be completed include installing suction piping in the emergency overflow wet well for by-pass pumping; replace broken valve on surge valve air piping and install unions for disconnection; replace check valves; replace scrubber fan housing and fan; spot repair wet well lining; replace fresh air fan and duct with new fiberglass reinforced plastic fan and ductwork; and perform an assessment of the concrete floor and walls in the pump station to determine the existence and extent of potential concrete deterioration.

During the design of the project, LWD staff discovered extremely high levels of hydrogren sulfide (H2S) at the discharge end of the Leucadia Force Main. LWD staff and the District Engineer evaluated and field tested several operational adjustment to reduce the H2S levels. However, no significant H2S reduction resulted from the field tests. It was determined that that an evaluation and redesign of the mechinical system was required to reduce the H2S levels. As a result, the project transformed into a major pump station rehabilitation project requiring revisions of the orginal scope to include evaluation and replacement of pumps, piping, discharge header and check valve configuration. LWD staff worked with the engineers to develop and finalize additional project objectives and incorporated them into the project's original scope. For Fiscal Year 2019, $1,132,000 was included in the budget.  The estimated completion date for this project is spring of 2020.

Poinsettia Station Gravity Pipeline Project
The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and the North County Transit District (NCTD) will construct an underground passenger tunnel to link both sides of the passenger platform at the Poinsettia Train Station in Carlsbad.  To accomplish this, the train tracks will be shifted to the west.  As a result, the District will have to extend the casements protecting the Lanikai Gravity Trunk Sewer and Secondary Effluent Force Main (B1) which run under the train tracks.  Additionally, in coordination with SANDAG and NCTD, the District will construct a second parallel encased gravity pipeline under the tracks as part of this project.  This will enable the construction of the second parallel line to be accomplished under the permits issued for the Poinsettia Station project, saving the District considerable time and costs. The project is currently under contruction and the FY 2019 budget includes $259,000 to fulfil the District's obligation for the pipeline crossings and to extend the casings as part of the project.

Batiquitos Force Main Discharge Section Replacement Project
The District has completed two force main replacement projects. During the contruction of these projects, it was observed that the ends of the metallic force mains sustained significant internal corrosion due to exposure to air when the flow transition fromn pressurized to gravity. Therefore to prevent future spills from a line failure due to corrosion, LWD staff budgeted funds to relace the end of the Batiquitos Force Main. The estimated completion of construction is fall of 2019.

Orchard Wood Road Line Repair Project
The District has a gravity pipeline in an easement at the end of Orchard Wood Road in the City of Encinitas. The pipeline has a major sag which causes a significant amount of grit and grease that accumlates in the line. This line segment is on a Special Maintenance Activity (SMA) list and requires frequent cleaning. The segment is listed as a top priority line on the District's Repair Priority list. However, the easement is located in an environmentally sensitive area south and east of the intesection of El Camino Real and Olivenhain Road. It is anticipated that the repair or rehabilitation of this line will require California Environmental Quality Act compliance. The project has been designed and the estimated completion of contruction is summer of 2019.