Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) consists of cradle to grave design, construction and budgeting of infrastructure projects.  Each project is designed to ensure a safe, reliable and efficient sewage collection and transfer system.  Additionally, the CIP covers major repairs and rehabilitation of the Gafner Water Reclamation Facility and recycled water delivery system.

Over the years, the District has constructed many improvements to its facilities with the primary goal of protecting local environmentally sensitive and recreational areas, such as the Batiquitos Lagoon and South Carlsbad State beach. These improvements include construction of dual pipelines along the lagoon and beach areas, installation of emergency electrical generators, redundant pumps, and electronic monitoring equipment. Although these improvements have come at considerable expense, the District believes that the protection and preservation of these areas is important to our North San Diego County residents.

As one of the six agencies that own the Encina Wastewater Authority, District funds are also budgeted under the CIP for infrastructure projects designed and constructed by the Encina Wastewater Authority to improve maintain and expand the regional wastewater treatment facility.  Please visit for more information.