The purpose of the Leucadia Wastewater District (LWD) Development Program is to assist customers that want to connect to the LWD sewer system. The Development Program team consists of the LWD Project Coordinator, the District Engineer (Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc.), and the Developer and/or Homeowner/Business Owner. LWD projects may vary in range and scope however, most projects typically fall into three categories.  These projects include the connection of a sewer lateral from a single family residence, the construction of new sewer mains and lateral connections from a large residential development, and the addition of a new business in an established development or shopping center. Developers normally adhere to the following process: 

  1. Contact LWD and set up an appointment with the Project Coordinator to discuss project
  2. Submit Plan Check Application
  3. Pay Plan Check Fees (fees vary by scope of work)
  4. Submit 2 sets of plans
  5. District Engineer reviews plans
  6. Once project is approved, pay Capacity Fees and Inspection Fees
  7. LWD will issue a sewer permit after all fees are paid

 LWD’s Ordinance No. 139 stipulates that expenses for new development are to be paid for by the developer.