Happy Throwback Thursday! 🔙

To get a sense of how far we've come since our start in 1959, take a look at our site's transformation below. The first photo shows an overview of our site during the 1970’s and the second photo shows our current site and admin building.

What a long way we've come!

#ThrowbackThursday #tbt

Tianne Baity, the District's Executive Assistant, is celebrating 15 years with Leucadia Wastewater District🎊

From 2006-2016, Tianne served as the District's Administrative Specialist, working her way to her current role as Executive Assistant. When not working at the District, Tianne enjoys spending quality time with her son. She is also passionate about soccer and if not for the current pandemic, she would be playing soccer several days each week.

Thank you for 15 years, Tianne!

Sunset shots of the moonrise at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas reminds us of how this beach got its name🌙

Local resident Tom Mills sent in this beautiful picture from an evening stroll.

Share your nature shots by tagging your images with #LWDPhoto or by emailing them to We'd love to share your captured moments!

Read how fourth grade teacher, Jennifer Smith, will use her Teacher Grant at El Camino Creek Elementary 🍎

The Water Conservation Strategies project will begin with a discussion of the environmental impacts of importing water from the Bay Delta and Colorado Rivers and the water energy nexus. The students will do an exercise to discover their "water footprint" and think of strategies they can use to conserve water. They will explore the benefits of hydroponic farming and compare water usage of a crop grown in a hydroponic system to a crop grown in soil.

The District offices will be closed today, January 18th, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Call (760) 753-0155 in case of an emergency. #MLKDay

Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Get to know our history with us and buckle up for a trip down memory lane!

Do you know who our Gafner Water Reclamation Facility is named after? Her name was Forest Gafner, a Leucadia resident and Realtor who was instrumental in forming the Leucadia Wastewater District in 1959. She served on the first Board of Directors, and helped to bring safe treatment and disposal of wastewater to the area, which had previously relied on septic tanks.#tbt

We are hiring for a Field Services Technician-in-training position💦

Under close supervision, the Field Services Technician-in-training performs a wide variety of manual labor tasks associated with the maintenance and repair of wastewater collection and treatment facilities. This position is the entry level class in the Field Services Technician series.

Check out how kindergarten teacher, Nancy Jois will apply her Teacher Grant at Capri Elementary 🍎

This project will teach kindergarten classes about the water cycle, erosion and landscaping in our dry Southern California climate.

With this grant, students will create models of individual water cycles, use their models to demonstrate the concept of erosion, and add plants to the school campus rain garden to help prevent erosion/ water runoff into a storm drain.