Did you hear? California exceeds 1 million acre-feet of water recycling annuallyđź’§

The District supports our #Leucadia, #Encinitas, and #Carlsbad community which includes preserving our #landscape and encouraging environmental stewardship🌿 We loved planting native plants at the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation Nature Center with Rising Tide Partners! Get involved here:

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The bioluminescence is back in North County San Diego!

This is a yearly occurrence when a specific algae blooms across a stretch of ocean from Baja California to Los Angeles.

Maybe you’ve smelled the bloom as well? While the algae itself emits an odor, the rapid increase in algae can overwhelm the local waters and starve it of oxygen, sometimes killing fish, which can also build up an odor. Rest assured, there are no sewage spills at this time and our team is constantly monitoring our system.

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How Drought Affects Wastewater Collection⬇️

On July 8, 2021, the Governor declared California is experiencing another severe drought and asked all Californians to voluntarily conserve water usage by fifteen percent. Unlike wildfires, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, droughts do not occur over a few days. In fact, it takes months to determine when a drought has begun and ended. Thus, we may not be immediately impacted by this event, but over time the impacts to public health, the economy, and the environment can be potentially significant.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Leucadia Wastewater District🍂

Are you frying your turkey this holiday season? If so, you might need to dispose of a large amount of cooking oil.

Your first instinct might be to dump the oil, either outside or down the drain, but both of these options can have negative environmental effects.