Paul Bushee, the District’s general manager, is celebrating 20 years of service with Leucadia Wastewater District!

Thank you for 20 years, Paul! The District is grateful for your dedication and leadership throughout the years.

Learn from Field Services Technician Hugo as he educates us on what not to flush down your toilet or drains. He also shows us the District's combination truck, which is used to clear out blockages in sewer lines.

When you see one of the District’s vehicles in your neighborhood, it's likely Hugo or other team members who are out there cleaning and maintaining the sewer pipes to help prevent sewer spills.

To learn more, check out our website:

Check out the District’s awesome new stickers!

Since children love big trucks, we designed stickers of the combination trucks that our Field Services Technicians use to clear out blockages in sewer lines.

Write to us at and we’ll mail some stickers for your kids or students!

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It’s National Administrative Professionals Day where we celebrate the professionals who keep our District office running smoothly every day.

Today, the District acknowledges and thanks our admin team: Ryan Green, Kelly Gil, Tianne Baity, Nitze Torres Garcia, and Trisha Hill. Thanks to all administrative employees for keeping our team organized and efficient. #AdminProfessionalsDay

Scholarships available for California college students! Are you or someone you know seeking a degree that prepares for a career in the water field?

Check out this #ScholarshipOpportunity from California Association of Sanitation Agencies Education Foundation and apply by May 14! These $5,000 scholarships are funded by donations from individuals and agencies across California.

Happy Earth Day from the District 🌎

Check out a list of activities to celebrate #EarthDay from the County of San Diego Parks and Recreation:

#Environment #Leucadia #Carlsbad #Encinitas #Wastewater

On this upcoming Saturday, April 22nd from 10am to 2pm, turn in prescription drugs safely and anonymously for The Drug Enforcement Administration - DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

Even though it starts with a "P", Prescriptions are not one of the 3 P's that belong in your toilet. Prescription drugs aren't always broken down in the treatment system, and the compounds can end up in the ocean if flushed. Exposure to even low levels of drugs can be detrimental on fish and other aquatic species, and may also negatively affect human health.

With all the rain we’ve been getting recently, make sure you are checking your cleanout caps. A broken cleanout cap will allow excess water in the sewage system which can lead to a sewage spill. The sewage system is designed for a specific amount of sewage flow and even small amounts of stormwater intrusion can disrupt the system.

The District uses smoke testing to proactively detect improper connections before the extra water has the potential to overwhelm the system’s capacity and lead to a sewer spill.