Sewer Fees

As of July 1, 2023, the Residential wastewater service charge is $457.42 per year or approximately $38.12 per month (semiannual fee of $228.71 on your property tax bill). The District bases its fees on Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs). The majority of homeowners in the District pay an annual sewer fee of $457.42 which is equal to one (1) EDU. This is a fixed rate and your sewer fees are not based on flow or water usage.

There are some cases, in which the property owner decided to build a separate guest home on their property. That property owner would have to pay for an additional EDU. Therefore, their property would have 2 EDUs and they would pay $914.84 per year in sewer fees on their property tax bill.

Non-residential or business wastewater service charges are based on the same factors as residential, which are EDUs ($457.42/year per EDU). However, majority of businesses have a higher EDU count associated with their business compared to a homeowner that pays for one EDU. Unlike residential wastewater use, businesses vary widely in what is in their wastewater (such as grease, detergents, other constituents) or how much flow enters the sewer system. Although, we do not charge by usage and flow, businesses are typically assessed multiple EDUs to account for the higher flows and constituent loading.

For example, restaurants generally would have more flow, usage, and Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) that enters the sewer system. In this case, the restaurant owner would have multiple EDUs listed on their property tax bill; therefore they would pay more in sewer charges.  Each business has a unique charge and we ask that business owners or developers to contact the District office if they have questions about their sewer charges.

The District has one of the lowest sewer service charges in San Diego County. The average homeowner in San Diego County pays an average of over $50 per month in sewer fees.

Commercial and Residential Capacity Fees

The District’s Capacity Fee is $6,240 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). The capacity fee is a one-time charge for any new connections to the District sewer system. New connections to the District will be required to pay this one-time capacity charge based on the number of EDUs assessed. The capacity fee is designed to recover the costs for the additional capacity needed to accommodate the new connections. Please click on the links below to view the fee schedule and EDU schedule to calculate the fees. Please contact the District if you have questions calculating your fees.