Traffic Alert - Sewer Maintenance Work

Expect traffic delays on El Camino Real beginning Sunday, June 3rd through Thursday, June 21st. LWD Field Services Technicians (FST) will be line cleaning and inspecting the sewer lines between the hours of 9PM to 4:30AM along El Camino Real and Encinitas Blvd. Beginning on Sunday, June 3rd at 9PM, the traffic control set up will be located on El Camino Real on both southbound and northbound lanes, as well as, on Encinitas Blvd on the eastbound and westbound lanes in front of the Sprouts Farmers Market shopping center. Our FSTs will start the work in front of the shopping center and work their way north on El Camino Real.

This work allows our FSTs to remove any obstructions in the main lines. This maintenance enables us to determine if there are any blockages or irregularities in the sewer system, so we can keep the pipes clear and the sewer flowing. Please keep an eye out for our crew and drive by slowly. Thank you for your patience.