April 9, 2021


Wipes Clog (Even More) Pipes During the Pandemic 🧻

Even before the pandemic, Americans were already flushing far too many wipes into the sewer system. After a year of staying at home, the pipe-clogging problem has gotten worse.

With consumers cleaning everything from counters to doorknobs in hopes of thwarting the coronavirus, sanitary wipes are more popular than ever.

U.S. municipalities shell out at least $1 billion annually on maintenance to remove clogs caused by wipes, according to the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.

Let this serve as a reminder to only flush the 3 P's, pee, poo, and paper (toilet paper only).

Learn more about the increasing amount of blockages occurring as consumers flush more wipes than ever: https://bloom.bg/2Pu03ba Bloomberg

Check out our video on the impact of wet wipes on the sewer system: https://bit.ly/3fAC8BB