August 30, 2021


How We Use Smoke Testing to Ensure the Integrity of the Sewer System💨 ⬇️

Improper connections often allow extra storm-water to enter the sewer system, which can potentially exceed the system’s capacity and lead to sewage spills. Smoke testing is a technology where a non-hazardous smoke vapor is injected into sewer pipelines to detect potential improper connections. The non-hazardous smoke flows through the pipelines and private laterals, and, if properly connected, should flow out of the roof vents of businesses and residences. If the smoke doesn’t flow out the roof vents, there could be an improper connection which would
allow stormwater into the system.

During fall of 2020, the District notified residents and businesses that smoke testing was to be performed in the Leucadia area of Encinitas. This area was chosen because the District’s flow metering program detected higher than usual sewer flows during heavy rain-fall events. To view the District’s smoke testing video, check out the District’s website at:

The results indicated that there were over 50 sewer defects on private property, as well as a few improper connections. The majority of these defects consisted of broken private laterals and cleanouts, and have been addressed by the homeowners. We appreciate the homeowners working with the District to resolve these issues. As a courtesy, the District is assisting homeowners by replacing their broken or missing clean-out caps located on their property.