July 8, 2024


With summer in full swing, a pool is an alternative to the beach to enjoy our warm Southern California weather. This is a reminder to homeowners and contractors to properly dispose of the remaining pool plaster and to not pour pool plaster down the drain or your home's cleanout.

This past winter, the Field Services Technicians encountered pool plaster in the sewer system. Pool plaster is a cement-like material that begins as a liquid that will settle and harden in the sewer system.

Removing pool plaster from a sewer pipe leads to extended work in the system. Depending on the volume of plaster found, it could take the Field Services Technicians 1-3 hours of additional work to thoroughly clean and video inspect the pipe.

Preventing illegal pool plaster dumping saves LWD thousands of dollars in labor, equipment usage, and fuel consumption. Even though pool companies or contractors may believe it is okay to dispose of it down the drain, it is prohibited. Pouring this material down the drain will cause pipeline blockages that can lead to a sewer spill or a sewer backup in your home, and could lead to costly fines as stated in our Wastewater Ordinance No. 139, which can be read here:


Please pay close attention to your pool company or contractor and ensure they dispose of plaster at a municipal landfill or recycling center. Call us at (760) 753-0155 for more information or to report a problem.

We appreciate your help.