March 25, 2021


How many men does it take to get into a manhole🧐

This #ThrowbackThursday features an old photo of our team lowering a team member down into a manhole during a training event and a current photo of the scene down there.

Manholes are a critically important part of our sewer system, allowing our Field Services Technicians to access and clean out the pipes. Roots and other debris accumulate and can cause sewage spills on your property or on our beaches.

It is necessary for LWD to access private property to get to sewer pipelines that may be located in a back, front or side yard. The ability to service and maintain LWD’s manholes and piping ensures that the sewer system functions properly for you and the larger community.

If you have a manhole in or near your yard, please be sure not to plant any trees, vegetables, bushes/shrubs and keep it free and clear of obstructions.