September 19, 2023


#PollutionPrevention Week Continues💧

Saving water isn't just about turning off the tap – it's about making a difference at home and work. By being mindful of our water usage, we're not only conserving this precious resource but also cutting down on fuel consumption and lessening the pollution caused by burning fuel and using chemicals. Let's work together for a greener, more sustainable future! 🌿🌱

In the Bathroom 🚽
💧Install a toilet dam or plastic bottle in your toilet tank.
💧Install a water-efficient showerhead (2.5 gallons or less per minute).
💧Take short showers and draw less water for baths.
💧When you buy a new toilet, purchase a low flow model (1.6 gallons or less per flush).
💧Check your toilet for "silent" leaks by placing a little food coloring in the tank and seeing if it leaks into the bowl.
💧Turn off water while brushing teeth and shaving.

In the Kitchen or Laundry 🧼
💧Compost your food scraps rather than using a garbage disposal in your sink.
💧Keep a gallon of drinking water in the refrigerator rather than running the tap for cold water.
💧Run your washing machine with a full load of clothes. Wash with warm water instead of hot, rinse with cold water instead of warm. Wash with cold water when you can. (When possible) hang your wash out to dry.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency