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Much clearer disposal information for wet wipes is coming to a shelf near you! After years of legislative work, Assembly Bill 818 has been signed into law by the Governor! This bill establishes the strongest “Do Not Flush” wipes labeling & public education requirements in the country. This is a huge win for consumers, infrastructure, for the environment, and for the wastewater sector!

Thank you to all those who worked so hard to get AB 818 passed and signed by the Governor!

Look for the symbol like the one below on wet wipe packages starting in July 2022⬇️

The District will be closed TODAY, Monday October 11, 2021 in recognition of Columbus Day.

In case of an emergency, please call (760) 753-0155.

Thanks to local resident Tom Caskey for this sunset shot🌅

Today is the last day of California Water Professionals Appreciation Week💧

This week comes to a close with a spotlight on some of our Field Services Technicians (FSTs). Get to know them and find out what makes their roles a crucial part of the Leucadia Wastewater District.

Our District is grateful for FSTs like Steve Krason, Curney Russell, and Todd Amos for protecting both the environment and our community.

#CAWaterWeek #EssentialWorkers #WeAreCAWater #ThankWaterPros
#WorkForWater #WatersWorthIt

Check out how science teacher, June Honsberger from Official La Costa Canyon High School used her teacher grant to fund her project, the Native Tree Garden and Outdoor Classroom 🌳

Biology and Chemistry students researched native trees and plants, discovering which native plants support the Western monarch butterfly population. Since their return to campus, students have planted trees and plants to create four butterfly gardens that they will continue to maintain throughout the school year.

In honor of California Water Professionals Appreciation Week, we would like to acknowledge some of the awards and achievements our very own hardworking staff have received⭐️

We appreciate the dedication of our highly trained operators, technicians and other specialists who are keeping wastewater operations running through a drought and pandemic.

Check out some of the awards and achievements we've recently obtained ⬇️

#CAWaterWeek #EssentialWorkers #WeAreCAWater #ThankWaterPros #WorkForWater #WatersWorthIt

We are celebrating California Water Professionals Appreciation Week through October 10th💧

Our District is incredibly grateful for the many water professionals that keep our operations running every single day. We could not do it without them.

Feel free to tag and thank a water professional in the comments!

#CAWaterWeek #WeAreCAWater #ThankWaterPros #workforwater #WatersWorthIt #essentialworkers

We're continuing to honor our Field Services Technicians (FSTs) this week for California Water Professionals Appreciation Week💧

Below, we're sharing our award winning Virtual Tour video, to show the community that wastewater employees are essential workers, as the upkeep of our waterways directly correlates to the preservation of public health.

Today is the first day of Water Professionals Appreciation Week 💧

Our District will celebrate with posts through October 10th, so be sure to check back in for updates!

We're kicking off the week by imagining a day without water. Nothing to drink. No water to shower, flush toilets, or do laundry with. Firefighters wouldn't be able to put out fires and farmers wouldn't be able to water their crops.

Water is such a crucial part of our infrastructure and we wouldn't be able to get much done without it.

Reminder: Our application period for the full-time Director of Finance and Administration (DFA) is closing on Friday October 1, 2021 at 4:30PM. Please apply before then.

NOTE: We are not accepting Facebook applications, you must apply on our website at the link below to be considered.

Apply here: https://bit.ly/3AC9OGJ

We're excited to view your applications!

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