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Congratulations to Director of Technical Services Robin Morishita for his 20 years of service! Robin has dedicated his time at our District towards a proactive program of upgrading critical infrastructure before it fails. Thanks for your leadership and dedication to our District and community Robin!

The District is closed today in observance of the Presidents' Day holiday.
In case of an emergency, please call (760) 753-0155.

The District recently participated in Capri Elementary’s Kindergarten Water Day by showcasing how our trucks play a vital role in protecting our pipes and infrastructure below the streets. Our Field Service Technicians (FSTs) gave a live demo in both English and Spanish to the students who asked a number of great questions.

This was in support of Capri winning a 2024 Teacher Grant from the District. We are proud to support wastewater education!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember to show your pipes some love and flush responsibly ❤️

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

We have a playbook for your pipes – because nobody wants a blocked drain to ruin the perfect touchdown celebration!

Be the interception hero by cooling and containing your fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Don’t let them sneak past your defenses and clog up the drain.

Scrape all grease into a disposable can.
Let the grease cool.
Throw the can out in the trash.

Happy game day! May your team win, your snacks be endless, and your plumbing stays clog-free!


Photo of a long-billed curlew by local Mark Hilton.

Please continue to submit your favorite pictures from Encinitas, Leucadia, and South Carlsbad by tagging a photo on Facebook or Instagram with #DISTRICTPhoto or send an email to info@lwwd.org. You could be featured on our social media pages or on the cover of our future newsletters. We give recognition to the artist of any photo used in our postings or newsletters.

Submit your favorite local natural scenic photos to info@lwwd.org.

Hats off to Field Services Technician Hugo Gonzalez for receiving his 10 years of service award!

Four Years without Lost Time Work-Related Injuries

Thanks to our safety-conscious team and supportive community, we’ve achieved four years without a work-related injury.

Please keep looking out for our team whenever you see them working in your neighborhood.

The District received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting.
The Government Finance Officers Association recently recognized the District for its outstanding financial reporting practices.
A well deserved congratulations to the Admin and Finance team on this recognition.