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The Everyday Guide to Recycling for Everyone♻️

Everyone must do their part by ensuring their knowledge on recycling is relevant and up to date such as what can be recycled and how to recycle waste efficiently and effectively. With this knowledge, you have the power to help reduce pollution, limit resources used, and help prevent such large amounts of waste from going to landfill or ending up in our oceans.

Wipes Clog (Even More) Pipes During the Pandemic 🧻

Even before the pandemic, Americans were already flushing far too many wipes into the sewer system. After a year of staying at home, the pipe-clogging problem has gotten worse.

With consumers cleaning everything from counters to doorknobs in hopes of thwarting the coronavirus, sanitary wipes are more popular than ever.

U.S. municipalities shell out at least $1 billion annually on maintenance to remove clogs caused by wipes, according to the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.

Today is #WorldHealthDay, which marks the anniversary of the day World Health Organization (WHO) was established almost 70 years ago.

COVID-19 has impacted the entire planet, but has been particularly severe for those communities which were already vulnerable. Communities who are more exposed to the disease are less likely to have access to quality health care services and more likely to experience adverse consequences as a result of measures implemented to contain the pandemic.

Learn about smoke testing 💨 Smoke testing offers a way for our Field Services Technicians to detect storm water intrusion within the sewage collection system. Through this video, see how smoke testing helps protect the sewer system and keeps our waterways and communities clean.

So you want to install a water-efficient garden, but don't know where to start? 🌵

We've got you covered! San Diego County Water Authority offers many free educational resources including three-hour workshops, an in-depth four-part landscape makeover series, and on-demand videos. Create an outdoor space that loves San Diego as much as you do!

Thanks to Olivenhain Municipal Water District for the information.

#Environment #Leucadia #Carlsbad #Encinitas #Wastewater

In honor of Women's History Month, we want to share the story of who our Gafner Water Reclamation Facility is named after. Her name was Forest Gafner, a Leucadia resident and Realtor who was instrumental in forming the Leucadia Wastewater District in 1959. She served on the first Board of Directors, and helped to bring safe treatment and disposal of wastewater to the area, which had previously relied on septic tanks. #WomensHistoryMonth

It's raining, it's (kind of) pouring🌧

With all the rain we've been getting, it's never too late to be water smart. This includes making sure you don’t have any illegal connections where rainwater and stormwater may flow into the sewer line.

You should also adjust your sprinklers accordingly and take advantage of the opportunity to harvest rainwater with assistance from local rebates from the Solana Center & San Diego County Water Authority.

How many men does it take to get into a manhole🧐

This #ThrowbackThursday features an old photo of our team lowering a team member down into a manhole during a training event and a current photo of the scene down there.

Manholes are a critically important part of our sewer system, allowing our Field Services Technicians to access and clean out the pipes. Roots and other debris accumulate and can cause sewage spills on your property or on our beaches.

Although we miss giving tours at our headquarters, our virtual tour gives a glimpse into what we do from the comfort and safety of your home🏠

Listen along as Field Service Technician Todd Amos explains why we utilize Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera viewing in the pipes. This camera travels through 200 miles of sewer lines to determine any new root intrusions/blockage or irregularities, such as sand, roots, or pool plaster. Take a look at some of the items we find!

#Environment #Leucadia #Carlsbad #Encinitas #Wastewater