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Leucadia Wastewater District Facts

A leader in environmental protection.


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LWD is one of six member agencies of the Encina Wastewater Authority (a joint powers authority), operating a regional wastewater treatment and disposal facility in Carlsbad.

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Leucadia Wastewater District was formed in 1959, as an independent special district.


LWC recycled water

LWD collects, treats, and disposes of approximately 4.5 million gallons of wastewater daily, serving a population of approximately 60,000. 

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Service area includes La Costa, Leucadia and Village Park area of Encinitas.
LWD serves approximately 60,000 residents in a 16 square mile service area.


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Our financial management system ensures that we'll have adequate funding to replace or repair systems, wether future financial conditions, and be able to avoid abrupt rate increases. 

Staff members operate and maintain the District’s piping system.

LWD is proud to have one of the lowest sewer service rates in San Diego County. We carefully manage our finances with an eye towards the future, always with our ratepayers' best interests in mind.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Care

The District's environmental record is exceptional, and we work to maintain that record with a sophisticated network of monitoring systems, dual pipelines, emergency backup measures and odor controls. Our careful planning minimizes damage in case unforseen circumstances overwhelm normal operations. 

Environmental protection

LWD's highest priority is protecting public health, as well as the precious natural resources in our service area. Our environmental protections go well above and beyond regulations and industry standards.

A Little More

Our current staff of 19 employees.

LWD owns and operates the Gafner Water Reclamation Plant, which can produce up to a million gallons per day of high quality recycled water used for irrigation of the Omni La Costa Golf Course.